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Lyra May by Yuki Aruga

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Yuki Aruga studied Fine Art Painting at Camberwell College of Arts, and lives and works in London. Yuki’s work is concerned with our perceptions of time, mortality and legacy; the notion that the inexplicable severance of life from our physical selves at the point of death renders the body a discarded husk. Her recent floral paintings and prints attempt to immortalize and honour the transience of nature. Yuki has been selected and shortlisted for a number of exhibitions and awards, including Salon Contemporary’s Best of the UK and Wildlife Artist of the Year.

Yuki’s egg springs naturally from her body of work, decorated with the roses that have formed the subject of many of her paintings. Here Yuki talks about her time working on the egg, and how it has evolved from her creations last year:

“When I'm working in my studio I tend to have films I know well and love playing in the background. Last year the two eggs that I painted were named after the lead characters in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Eglantine and Emelius; needless to say, I had that film on a lot when I was working on those two. Eglantine came first and is actually the name of a species of rose. When I was approached to do a second, it only seemed right to name him Emelius. This year I wanted to keep the title of the egg as a name, but make it a bit more personal...so I named her after my little niece, Lyra May West, who'll be turning two just as the egg hunt finishes in April.”

Gold-leaf has featured prominently in Yuki’s work, particularly in her lino print works, and here takes pride of place, as a resplendent crown atop an exquisitely refined and delicate piece.


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