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IGGY Eggy by Moshi Monsters

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This year’s Moshi Monsters egg is based on popular Moshling, I.G.G.Y. (short for “I’m gonna get ya.”) These pixel-scoffing Moshlings look innocent enough, but the second they spot a pointy arrow, it’s history. Experts believe they find cursors really annoying – like flies flittering around their heads. But seeing as they can’t swat them (they’ve got no arms, let alone rolled-up newspapers) they gobble them. ‘Ulp! You’ll occasionally spot a Pixel-Munching Snaffler trapped in a hedge, but they usually whoosh in from mysterious portals in cyberspace, called Aargates.
Get your paws on an egg for your monster’s room over at MoshiMonsters.com using the code: IGGYEGGY. Fangtastic!

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